Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 9

I love that Jon encourages me to go off and do my own thing sometimes. I have so many different responsibilities (like everyone else) that it's nice sometimes to go do things on my own that I think are fun. I know this wouldn't be good for some marriages, but it is essential to ours. I have never felt like I need to ask permission to go and hang out with my sisters, or go and do crafts with my friends, or take a cooking class. In fact he really tries to work out his schedule so he will be home to take care of Zac so that I can go and do these things. I think he realizes that when I get back I am more relaxed and happy and that makes our family happier. I try to do the same with him, if he really needs time out to go play basketball or go off to a movie. I must admit, I have not been as understanding all of the times as he has. I love that he wants me to be my own person, to learn new skills and have my down time.

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