Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day we had a BBQ with my family. I really just ended up taking a million pictures. I just love this little boy's cute face- even when he is dire need of a haircut.
Telling a story...
He's so expressive- he cracks me up.
There were some other cute faces at the party.
The rice crispy treats were delicious.
We played a new game- not sure of the name, just know that I wasn't very good. I think my mom beat us all.
What's a party without some bubbles?
Or some the favorite drink in our house- Diet Coke (his is caffeine free here). He seriously is an addict. He has such strange likes for such a little kid.
And the one who feeds the addiction.
And to finish- some more classic expressions. I sure do love this boy. Can't get enough.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mother's Day- I know it was 3 months ago

I know that this was months ago, but I'm going to try and get a little caught up every time I can find a minute or two. The night of mother's day, we were at my mom's house and I had my computer. We got playing with the photo booth application and I can't remember a time that we all have laughed so hard in years. So just thought I would share in the joy.

My grandparents especially had fun with it. I'm pretty sure I have never seen them laughing so hard.

What ridiculousness I get into with my family.
(You wanted to be included Kris- here you are my love)