Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 18

Jon is a great gift giver. Especially at Christmas he is incredibly thoughtful and gets me unexpected things that I just love. (No pressure or anything). He always writes notes to explain the gift and why it is important and I have loved saving those notes and reading through them. Our first Christmas married I had visited the class I was going to be taking over in January and I happened to go on pajama day and read a thon day with buddies. They were out of control and I was scared to death to be taking over the class. For Christmas that year Jon had put together a teaching kit to make my first days of teaching manageable, including a build a bear to look like him that I could hug if things got too crazy. One year when he was working graveyards at ARUP and wasn't home a lot at night he actually worked with my mom to make me a quilt (yes he tied it and sewed the binding on!) that I could have the nights he was gone. The year I was pregnant he made me a super hero kit with a car wash to make my super car perfect, my kryptonite- peanutbutter m&m's, and my action figure (a beautiful Willow Tree sculpture with a mom, dad, and new baby). He almost always makes me cry, not neccessaryily with the gift itself, but with the sentiment behind it. His gifts show how well he knows me and how thoughtful he is.

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