Thursday, October 1, 2009

Learning to feed yourself is funner in CHOCOLATE!

So Zac is getting very independent these days and is learning to eat all by himself. He does really well with a fork. The spoon food is a little harder, but what better way to practice than with chocolate pudding?
Saying "cheese" for the camera.
Honestly, don't you just want to eat him? He is so much fun these days. He definitely has his demanding moments, but he is learning and talking and playing and making everyone laugh all the time. I love this boy!!!!

Cake Class

My cake class is now over- can 4 weeks really go that fast. My sister Kristen and I had such a great time. She took most of the pictures of our adventures, but here are a few. I think a second class might be on the horizon.
Zac, after eating a cupcake. He now knows the word cake very well and asks for it every chance he gets.

Our last night we worked on learning the Wilton Rose.

Thanks Kris for being my cake decorating buddy. So when's the next class?