Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 16

I love that Jon makes me laugh. As I was thinking about this one, I have realized how much this is not a small thing. I remembered back to college just after Jon was home from his mission and I was kind of dating this other kid (Jon you knew about that right? :)). I was trying to decide what I really wanted in a date and I distinctly remember thinking that the other guy didn't make me laugh and and that Jon did all the time. I immediately ended things with the other guy because I couldn't imagine a life where I wasn't laughing and happy every day. Jon loves to make people laugh. He's sarcastic, silly, and witty all at different times. And get him in the room with his brother and dad at Sunday dinner and you can hardly get your food down (thanks to their amazing ability to take Su's jokes and make them their own). On our last two dates walking back to the car, I think people must have thought we had lost it because we were laughing so hard- one at Jon's incredible speed walking championship skills and the other at his speed skating skills. Because Jon is like this was spend a lot of time happy and laughing at our house. I love also that this is another thing that Zac has in common with his daddy. Zac has the funnest sense of humor already and the most contagious giggle. If I could have a wish it would be that our house will always be filled with laughter. Thank you Jon for making me smile, snicker, roll my eyes, laugh out loud, and roll on the floor nearly wetting my pants depending on the day.
Just an example of the hilarity that ensues at family dinners.

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