Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 6

I love Jon's passion. He finds things to love or to work hard on and becomes passionate about them. I'll give a few examples. First his love of batman. The day his sister Megan was born, Jon's dad took Jon and his brother to see the first movie, and the love began. Jon now has seen all the movies, and has all kinds of batman paraphernalia around the house. Batman does reside in the fan and watch over our house, I didn't put it there for effect.
Jon lives for the days when the new movies come out as seen here .
Another passion he has is his love of the Yankees. He has stuck by them through the good and the bad. We were able to go to New York this summer and watch them play in their new stadium.

Jon was in heaven. It was quite the game too. It went for 15 innings ( that equals many hours!) which means we basically got 2 games in one. Jon couldn't have been happier.
He also decided to compete in a triathlon last year. He trained for months and had a great time doing it. The most important passion though that Jon has is his family. I have no doubt of his love for Zac and me. His number one goal all the time is how best he can take care of both of us. I love that we can be number one among all the loves in his life!

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