Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Blue Cast

Zac finally got his cast last week. It is certainly more sturdy, but it also can be used as a weapon. We also have heard lots of new knock knock jokes as he and others sit and knock on the cast. He loves the sound it makes. He also loves the sound it makes rubbing against the edge of our furniture- we're trying to keep the damage to a minimum.

Since we've gotten back from California, Zac has been really clingy and and a little emotional. He really didn't want to get his picture taken, and yet I do continue to over document his life :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Broken Arm=Bummer

So, the other day I had planned a get together with a friend I haven't seen for a while. We went to a park by her house and had a picnic and let the kids play. They were having a great time playing together and we were sitting on a blanket a few feet away. Zac had climbed up the steps on the playground equipment and was just standing on the first little platform eating some crackers. He took a step backwards and stepped right off the platform and fell. I ran to grab him and immediately could tell that he had broken his arm (one of the most terrible things I have seen- I still think about what it looked like and it makes me sick). Jon was on his way to work at the ER at the time, so he just met us there. Zac was so brave and very polite. He would tell all the nurses and doctors thank you in the middle of his tears as they were doing things like giving him an IV.
The crooked arm- so sad.
We spent about 4 hours in the ER waiting for an orthopedic doctor to be done at his office to come and set the 2 bones that were broken. The doctor on call wasn't comfortable doing it on such a little guy, so we just waited for the other doctor instead of having to go up to Primary's. It was a long day.

They had me hold him while they did the reduction. They drugged him pretty good, but he was still screaming while they pushed and pulled on his arm. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I of course didn't watch, just watching Jon's face was enough. It is so nice to be married to someone who knows what to do in this situation and was so calm and knowledgeable when I'm freaking out. Zac was thrilled when the splint was finally on and he could finally have some milk. It was what he had wanted all day.
He has to have the splint on till we get back from California. I'm now really glad we decided not to take Zac with us. He will be well taken care of with the 3 nurses at home. He's decided he wants a blue cast. Hopefully they will do a waterproof one. We had big swimming plans for the summer and this is putting a serious wrench in our fun plans.

Zac would now spend all his days doing this if his mom would let him.

(Pre Haircut)
(Post Haircut)
Watching this:

Dear Comcast people- please update the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse choices available on On Demand. Please. Soon. Please. Thank you. Love, Me.

Zac is doing really well. He's a trooper. We're glad for all the family lovin' he's been getting too. What an adventure.