Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2

I love that Jon lets me eat off his plate. Somehow in my brain as long as I didn't put it on my plate then the calories don't count (I'm sure this is how it works!) Things always look better when someone else gets it. I'm not quite sure when this habit started, but Jon has never complained or gotten upset when I steal his food. At this point he just quietly gets bigger servings of things he knows I'm going to be eating. We laugh so hard at this Friends episode where "Joey doesn't share food."

Probably the thing I am stealing most often is french fries, so I'm so glad that Jon doesn't need a plate for the table. Jon not only doesn't get upset when I take things from his plate, he usually saves me the last bite of things (always the best), and most importantly he always gives me huge bite of the tortilla from his Cafe Rio salad that he saves for the end and I have always already eaten as I went. This is the truest form of unselfishness!

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Charlotte and Matt said...

So cute. I think I might be a Joey... especially when it comes to MY frechfries. I also wanted to tell you that every time I use Febreeze, I think of you. Have I told you that before?