Monday, September 5, 2011

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brown

Megan and Taylor's wedding was lots of fun. I really didn't get very good pictures (I forgot to take my camera to the temple) but I wanted to post what I did get.

The night before, they had their wedding dinner. It was a little stressful because I was doing parent teacher conferences that same day. I had to schedule all of them early and then leave as soon as my last one was done so we could get there on time. It was decorated cute and was fun because the girls had all secretly planned to do a little flash dance. Megan's new brother in law got up to sing a song he had written about the couple (it was darling, filled with all their inside jokes and finishing with Taylor Brown and the neighbor's daughter). When he finished he siad he was going to sing another song. He started and then the music to Single Ladies came blasting on in the middle of it. At first the moms stood up and looked mad, and then they started dancing. Then all the girls in the audience came up and danced. It was silly. They then had quite a dance party. Zac just wanted to run back and forth from one side of the room to the other. He got his cousin Kayla to go along with it. It was a fun night.
The day of the wedding was beautiful. Their ceremony was performed by Elder Perry and it was so neat to sit with my husband in the sealing room and actually get to hear those words in a situation where we would remember them.
We got to the reception place early for pictures, but with some kind of mix-up family pictures never got taken, and Zac was not happy (neither was his mother) at having to stay looking nice for an hour when there were so many fun fountains of water to be playing in.
This is what most of that hour looked like.
We did get a few shots of our family in our yellow and black.
Megan and Taylor both love Harry Potter and even have their own wands. As a surprise to them they had a Harry Potter cake as a groom's cake. It was really fun.
It was a fun night and we are so excited to have Taylor in our family. They are so good for each other. We love you guys.