Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Primary Children's Hospital

So our little cold has turned into a major respritory infection. On Sunday night, Zac was really having a hard time breathing and he was very conjested, so we took him to the pediatrician Monday morning. They suctioned him out and decided that his oxygen saturation levels weren't and they sent us home. That night he got even worse. Tuesday was my first day back at work and I was already pretty stressed about that and then we were up till 2:00 am trying to get Zac in a comfortable position to sleep. I went to school, and Jon took him back to the doctors. They suctioned him again and tested his oxygen levels again and decided they were too low so they sent him to the emergancy room at Primary Children's Hospital. He has RSV as well as another virus and we are spending our days with lots of chords and tubes attached to the little man. They stick a tiny tube all the way down his nose to suction out the gunk and get him breathing. This might be harder for mom to watch than it is for Zac to go through. This has not been the funnest few days, but we know he's in the best place for now. We just hope we're not here for long.

Easter, Boogers, and Stud Muffins

We have tons of pictures of Zac alone, but we only had pictures of our family from the hospital, so we took a few Easter shots. Zac was looking dapper in the vest his grandpa gave him for Christmas. We need to find a time to get some good ones done.

Thanks Nana and Papa :) for the cute bank. Here's to my college education. (If I start now, I might have enough for Duke!)

He also started not feeling well (despite our best efforts of making everyone wash their hands before they look at the kid). We have had to put saline drops in his nose and suction out the crap. He HATES it!!! He puts on quite the vocal performance.

He also a got a cute new outfit too and I just don't stop taking pictures of the kid (Yes, Mike, I do over-document his life)

Do you have a ticket to the gun show?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Crazy Michelle

Since it is mostly Michelle's friends that are looking and commenting on my blog, I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a post to her. Thanks, Shell, for getting people to look at my cute baby. For those that don't know, Michelle is working on her Masters degree and things are getting really stressful. With only two more weeks, Zac and I went to visit the other night to giver her a break and help reduce the stress. I think the stress finally snapped her and we got quite a show. I really wish I would have had my video camera becuase she decided to do an interpritive dance to represent the months since she started her masters program. I was laughing till I cried. For those of you who know her, you should demand a show for yourselves! In the insanity of it all, she also started doing cheerleeding moves and decided to try to do a herky. She was holding Zac and these pictures are the result. I didn't edit out the red eye becuase I think it more acurately depicts how she was feeling at the time. Good luck with your last few weeks, Shell. It's almost over, and then we can play more often.

Get ready...


Yikes, I think I should be worried that she has my son.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


There were so many pictures of Zac that I wanted to share, so I made a slideshow. I know it's long, so if you can only stand a few minutes I do understand, but come on, he's just adorable.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hello Everyone

I have many blogs that I really enjoy looking at on a regular basis. It is a great way to keep up with what is happening in friends and families lives (and some perfect strangers for that matter- some people are really good at this blogging thing and they have no idea that I look at their blog all the time). I don't know that I can be as entertaining as some of you are, but I thought if nothing else, this would be a good way of sharing pictures of our cute little boy. I hope you enjoy.