Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Fun

I know it has been almost month since my last post-wow, time flies. We had a lot of fun on Easter. We decided to do a little Easter egg hunt with Zac. I didn't know if would get into it or not, but he had so much fun. I put a goldfish cracker inside each egg, and you would think it was the greatest thing ever.
A few family shots:
I wish we could of caught Zac smiling. Those boys are so dang cute! I'm a lucky girl.
My parents also did a little egg hunt for him at their house. By then he was an expert and didn't even need any help finding the eggs. He'd get so excited when he found a new one and he'd shake it with all his might and was sincerely excited every time we opened it to see what was there.

My sister made these gorgeous and delicious cookies. What talent.

I love that it finally feels like spring. Zac LOVES being outside. It is so fun taking him for walks and watching him discover everything.

Hope everyone is enjoying this warm weather. I also hope it lasts till next weekend for the wedding. I'm excited!