Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween and 9 months old

Life gets so crazy. Parent teacher conferences are sure good to have over with. We had a fun Halloween. We celebrated 3 days in a row with a ward party, school party and then on the actual day a neighborhood dinner.
My mom made Zac a cute lion costume. For the ward party our young women's presidency dressed up as members of our bishopric.
For school the 3 fourth grade teachers dressed up as the Three Blind Mice.
Our tails had been cut off by the farmer's wife with a carving knife. (Those are band aides.)
My parents brought Zac in so he could go through the parade with me. My students just loved having him there and Zac loved having the attention of 20 kids. He did his own parade through my classroom and he would stop and look at each kid and laugh and wave. Future politician?

For his nine month pictures I wasn't as good with my timing as the eight month. I didn't catch quite as many cute smiles. It is fun to see how much taller he is getting compared to the bear. We went to the doctor last week and he is 18 lbs. 13 oz. which is 20% and 29 in. which is 67%. So he's tall and skinny. He waves all the time, he loves to play patty cake, and can finally do his own version of a crawl across the room (it looks more like the worm as he sticks hisnose down on the ground and lifts up his legs and then pushes forward.) I'm still glad for the lack of independent mobility as he'd rather walk with the help of fingers and since he can't do that alone he still goes where we want him to. I'm guessing that won't last for too much longer. Perhaps as soon as he has a Christmas tree as motivation he'll be all over the place.

We hope everyone is enjoying their November. I can't believe how fast it is going. The holidays will be here before we know it.