Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Warm Days

It seems a little ironic that as I am typing this and posting these pictures of our warm day out that it is snowing outside. In fact, yesterday was the absolute worst commute of the whole season and it is the end of March. (It is so not fair) However, last weekend was beautiful and we took full advantage. We took Zac to the playground at the school Jon went to when he was growing up. (It's changed a bit since then.) Jon shared all his playground stories and showed us where he tore all the ligaments in his ankle but no one believed him (even his mom) because it was April Fool's Day.
We all had a great time.
Walking up the slide was far more fun than going down it.
By far the favorite activity was the swing. Zac could have stayed there for hours.
Both his parents loved it too. There is something so relaxing about swinging. I think I would be a happier person if I did it more often. And don't you worry, we had to get of picture of the other little boy that lives at my house- here he is trying to beat his record on how for he can jump.
I married the hottest kid on the playground! I can't wait for the weather to get warm again. It is good for my soul to be outside and spending time with my little family. We definitely need to do it more often.

And for other news CONGRATULATIONS MIKE AND LAUREN!!!! Mike finally proposed and they are getting married in the Draper temple May 2nd. We are so excited for you guys. We love you both and are so glad to get to have Lauren in our family.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Zac!!

Now that Zac has been one for almost a month I am finally getting these pictures posted. Maybe it is because school has been really busy (I have parent teacher conferences this week), maybe it's because I wanted to leave that sweet message up from my darling husband for as long as possible, and maybe I'm just in denial that my little baby is no longe a little baby. In any case, we had so much fun on Zac's birthday. We decided to go with a construction theme. We took pictures of him for his invitations in all his gear.
The day of his birthday as we were getting ready, the highlight was palying with the balloons.
They were fun to shake up and down and to rub back and forth on his mouth. Luckily he took a pretty good nap while his mom was working on his cake.
Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family. I think Jon thought it was a little much for a one year old who wouldn't remember it anyway, and it probably was. But it sure was a lot of fun. We decorated the rest continuing with the construction theme.

It is good to be the only grandkid on both sides and one of the few great grandkids on your birthday. Zac was definately spoiled. He had a room full of adults watching him (ok, watching me) open presents. Zac really wasn't much into opening presents, but we've had tons of fun playing with all of the toys! He got 2 basketball hoops- we can play full court ball. He's good at saying ball and gets to the point where he's got the ball going down the hoop, but he has a hard time letting go.

Thank you to all our family who loves this little man so much. He is very blessed to always have lots to play with and wear! His grandma made him the most amazing quiet book. She' s been working on it since October and it is so fun. It is a hit right now becuase there are so many buttons in it and that is about Zac's favorite thing in the world.
He couldn't quite figure out how to blow out his candle so he got help there.
He did quite enjoy eating his cake. He started out by taking tiny little bites but eventually he got into it and made a mess.

And the best part (for Zac and his grandama) is that he ended up in the tub. They both love it.

I'm guessing we won't have quite as many pictures or go all out for the next kids, and I'll be sending them to therapy in years bacause I'll hear about it meaning that I love him more, but we sure had a lot of fun. It is hard to believe that he is one, and yet it's so much fun. He is walking all over the place and and learning lots of new words by copying almost everything we say.

He also can have a little attitude, which leads us to our next pictures. Zac has a message for his aunt. He wanted to apologize for being so mean the other night. He was feeling a little jealous because he really had wanted to go with and meet Micky. But we've had a chat and he now realizes that he will get to meet him someday and he loves this new shirt!
He tried to call you and tell you.
But Micky just kept answering.
So thanks Kris, we love you.