Monday, February 21, 2011

December Fun

December was filled with lots of fun- of course busy, but lots of fun. Zac and I spent a fun day with my sisters and mom. Normally we all take a day off of school, but since we got the week before Christmas off this year, we just went then.
Jon and I have made a tradition of going to Temple Square to see the lights each year. We also have made several trips to Build a Bear where Jon has gotten me some very cute friends. We decided to combine the two this year. As part of Zac's Christmas he got to pick a new friend.
Meet Fluffy Toby. Fluffy because Zac was thrilled to get to fill him with fluff. And Toby because I think Jon thought Fluffy was a little girly of a name. The whole process was sooo fun with Zac. He was so excited at each part.

Then we went and saw the lights. So beautiful and so cold. We didn't last a real long time, but it was still a great night. It was one of the first nights we had spent with Jon in months (last semester was killer- I went from Sunday to Friday only seeing Jon for minutes).

One of our traditions with Jon's family is we draw names and instead of getting that person a gift we take them on a date. We had lots of fun this year. We also included a few extra nights together. We made an amazing gingerbread house

We also got to have a night just with the siblings. My mother in law had everything ready for us to go on a photo scavenger hunt. At first I think we didn't quite know if we were going to get into to it or not, but I am proud to say we accomplished EVERY THING on the list.
Everyone under a park bench:
Everyone doing exactly what a sign says to do:
(None of us are smoking)

Fill a stranger's car with gas:
Flip a burger in uniform:
Something that starts with the letter Z:
Everyone sitting in one chair:
Everyone in/on a shopping cart:
Braid a stranger's hair:
Ask a stranger to dance:
Act out a Disney scene in a public place (this is from Bambi if you couldn't tell):
Juggle for an audience and get them to clap for you:
Group hug with a Walmart employee:
Everyone drinking out of the same can:
A picture with someone in a uniform:
The group doing the chicken dance in front of KFC:
Jon and Ryan then proceeded to sing and dance IN the KFC and then run out. So funny.
Folding someone's laundry at a laundry mat:
Bagging someone's groceries for them:
You fit in that? (We couldn't quite decide, so we tried 2)
(Yes we are in our shower)
Posing with a statue:
Making a human pyramid for a stranger:
Spelling out a word (decided to do a shout out to the person who made the whole night possible):
We had so much fun together. It is truly amazing what strangers will do when you tell them you are doing a photo scavenger hunt.

We had a fabulous December followed by a fabulous Christmas. Definitely my favorite time of year!