Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 17

I love that Jon is such a movie fan that it means he will watch even the sappy movies with me. I have talked to friends who their husbands refuse to go with them to see a show they want to see. I think almost every movie we have gone to see I have gotten to choose. He is a good sport when we go out. These days however it's a miracle just to make it to the movies since it is one of the dates that requires a babysitter and we over use ours anyway. I guess that makes it even more meaningful right now since the percentage of times we go to movies is now so low and I know there are tons of movies Jon is interested in and he still lets me pick what we're going to see. Seriously- how did I get so lucky?
One of my favorites that even though it is not one of Jon's favorites he has seen it with me many times.


Adam and Julia said...

I love your new family picture. This is the first time I've seen it because my computer hasn't been downloading your entire blog for some odd reason lately. I love reading all of your posts about Jon and your relationship.

Charlotte and Matt said...

I'd have to say that Matt is one of those husbands who would NEVER sit through the chick flicks. You lucky dog! So, I wanna see you B4 we move to Korea. Are you gonna be in the SLC area over Christmas? You should call me... 801.921.1903