Sunday, December 13, 2009

Day 13

In a world so full of indifference, selfishness, and some women's rights in there, I love that my husband is such a gentleman. Jon always opens my door for me. It is a small gesture that I appreciate every time he does. I think it is a small way that he can show me that he wants to do what he can to take care of me. He even taught his sisters that if a date doesn't open their door for them, they have the right to punch them. Jon also does little things like sleeping on the side of the bed closest to the door (you know in case some crazy guy comes in the room then Jon can take him out before he ever gets to me). Or walks on the side of the road he thinks is the most dangerous. I love feeling like I am being taken care of. I know that he doesn't do it in a demeaning way- like I can't do things myself. In fact he knows that I am independent in many parts of my life. But it's nice to know that for Jon chivalry isn't dead. He is constantly doing things that shows his respect for women and especially his wife.

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