Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome Home Uncle Mike and a Day at the Farm

My brother got home from his mission to Houston, Texas last week. He obviously had never seen Zac before. It was very fun getting all ready to meet him at the airport. We made Zac a shirt with Mike's picture on it so he'd be sure to recognize him.

Seeing eveyone for the first time...

Meeting his new nephew...

With Grandma...

It has been great to have Mike home. He has grown up a lot and he loves Zac- except for all the drool and spit that comes out of him. Mike doesn't quite know how to handle that. We're excited to spend the summer with him before he leaves for Duke again in the fall. We love you Mike!

On Friday, Zac and I went with some friends to Wheeler Farm. It was a fun day. What a great place to go for free!
So Zac wasn't quite old enough to care much about the animals, but he loved being in the stroller and being outside. His mom loved spending time with her friends, so it all worked out. This is Jaxon who shared in the lovely stroller ride.

This is our duck friend. Emily brought bread to feed the ducks. I had Zac standing right in front of the duch and he would come up really close. Again, I'm not sure how excited Zac was about the whole thing.

Zac took a little snooze at lunch time.
This is Rachel, my friend Emily's little girl. She was posing for me in the tree house.
And the stroller kiddos at the end of the day. We had lots of fun. Thanks Emily and Luara, it was good to see you and your cute kids!!!


Utter Chaos said...

Ok those pics are so cute! I'm so jealous it is nice enough weather there to go out to the farm!

Mike has grown up sooooooo much! I didn't even recognize him. I guess the last time I saw him was 8 years ago when he was 13! Time flies.

So good seeing you. WHEN we move to Utah we'll have to get together more often!

Alissa Lindgren said...

Hey, cute pictures. Zach sure is growing up fast. About your post a few back about taking naps, I read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It saved me. Hope it helps.