Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Campin' We Will Go

Jon's family gets together the weekend of the 24th of July every year for a campout. This year we went to Paris (Idaho that is). It was quite the trip. We had lots of fun. Zac loves being outside, so he did great. We stopped in Logan on the way up at First Dam for a food break for Zac. Our tent was a little harder to set up this year then in years past. Our last one fit our air mattress on each side and that was it. We couldn't quite figure out how to fit the pack and play and us in that one. It is amazing how someone so small can need so much stuff!!! The nights got REALLY cold and somehow Zac ended up in bed with us. He also ended up with the blankets while I was pushed to the side and shivering- hmmm. The things you do for love.

I learned my lesson after the first night and zipped the sleeping bags together. Jon went golfing and I got some good reading done. Then we all went to Bear Lake. His family had rented a floating trampoline and everyone had a great time. I found as a mom, it is lots of work to go the beach. Zac and I stayed on the beach and watched most of the time, and he took a good snooze.
What a life- really.

A lot of time was spent just sitting in the camp chairs and chatting with family. It was fun to see lots of cousins we hadn't seen in a long time. Zac loves playing with his dad and his grandma. It was really nice getting to hang out with Jon for a day or two before we lost him to studying for finals.

The second night was colder than the first. We got Zac bundled in two pairs of pajamas, a hoodie sweatshirt, a beanie (it was huge on him when he was first born, and now it barely fits over his huge noggin), and wrapped him in two blankets. The kid was set.
A happy boy the next morning.
I didn't take any pictures of the most eventful part of our campout. At the time I was in no mood. As we started driving home all the lights started coming on. We were hoping to get to Logan and have it looked at. Well, we got just out of Paris canyon and then we heard a loud noise and our tire went flat. We pulled off and soon after Jon's grandparents stopped, and then his aunt and uncle. We unpacked the TIGHTLY packed trunk and Jon put the spare on. When we went to start the car it wouldn't start. Whatever! His uncle jumped the car and it started for a second and then died. So not only did we have a flat tire, but the alternator went out. Jon's dad came back from LaBeau's and towed the car to a mechanic in Lake Town. Jon's grandparents took Zac and I to Brigham City while Jon and his dad drove to Logan to get the part they needed and then drove back to Bear Lake so the guy could put it in and then drove back down to Brigham to pick us up. Don't you just love cars? Even though it was a royal pain, it made me so grateful for good family. Through the whole ordeal, everyone in Jon's family was so willing to jump in and help and do anything they could to be there for us. Jon and I talked about how lucky we are to have such good family on both sides. I don't know how people live without family. I hope Zac grows up knowing how lucky he is too. All in all it was a fun trip. I wish we could do it more often. I guess I'll have to settle for a cruise to the Bahama's in a couple weeks.


Utter Chaos said...

What? You get to go to the Bahamas? Looks like you guys had a blast. We are going camping next weekend and I am so excited. Zach looks like a stud! Glad he did so well. Glad your car is fixed. Families are lifesavers.

Swenson Family said...

Craziness! I'm sorry about your car. I'm glad your camping trip went well. Zac is sure cute and he is really getting big. Has it been that long?