Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The intensity is raw, but the hot dogs are cooked!

For the 4th of July, Jon and I had decided to enter 5K. We were going to meet Jon's mom and sister. Jon's mom was going to walk with Zac in the stroller and we were going to run. I set the alarm for 5:45 so we would be there with plenty of time for the race that started at 7:00. Friday morning at 6:58 I woke up. I had apparently set the alarm for pm not am and so there was no 5K for us. Zac had even slept through the night and not helped to get us up in time. It was a bummer. However, since we weren't out running a race, we able to catch the annual hot dog eating contest on TV. It is wild how drawn you can be to watching something so revolting. I kept having to look away as they were dipping the buns in water and sucking those things down. And yet I kept looking back up to see who would win. It was riviting as Joey Chesnut and Takeru Kabayashi ended the 10 minutes in a tie of 59 hot dogs each. They had a tie breaker of who could eat 5 more hot dogs the fastest and Joey ended up the winner. I'm sorry to all of those who actually set their alarms for the right time and were out running the race and missed this great contest. Something else that interested me- for those who have ever done Weight Wathchers you will get this. A hot dog is about 5 points not including the bun and these guys ate 64 hot dogs all at once which is a wopping 320 points. Wow! A big congratulations to Joey Chesnut.

The rest of the day wasn't quite as exciting. We went to a BBQ at my parents and went to Sandy's fireworks. It was fun.
My parents enjoyed the joys of Brian Reegan from the ipod while we waited for fireworks. If you've never heard him and you need a good laugh, look him up. (Half game, whole snowcone!)

Zac is just starting to be able to be able to sit up by himself as long as his hands are down.
We were getting Zac in his PJ's and he was enjoying having his clothes as a hat, kicking his legs, and cuddling with his uncle. He slept through fireworks which worked a great. It was a fun 4th of July, and we are grateful to live in such an amazing country.

Sunday we got together with family and of course had the camera with us. Zac was hanging out on the swing with his great grandparents.

And this one is purely to see if my aunt looks at my blog. She was telling a story, and she really gets into telling stories. She didn't know I was taking her picture. Love ya Lori!!!
Zac turned 5 months old on Monday. He had his doctors appointment the same day. I thought he was getting huge, but I guess I am comparing him to little kiddos. He weighs 15.7 pounds which is the 36th percentile. He is 25.5 inches which is the 45th percentile. He's got a big head though. That is in the 74th percentile. It's a cute head though. I took his bear pictures. You can tell he is getting more steady.

The shirt he's wearing is in honor of Jon. If you know Jon at all, you know that there is a count down going on in our house for July 18. The Dark Knight comes out and we already have our tickets to the midnight showing. According to the reviews it is one of the best crime adventure shows ever. We can't wait.


Bourgeous said...

I am glad that the count down for the movie is on! We are hoping that it is awesome. And I have to admit that choosing between running a 5K or watching a hot dog contest I think that I would set my alarm on purpose for PM! :) Love the photos!

Utter Chaos said...

So cute!! I prefer the Reegan quote of "boxen". Have you heard that one?

Cindy said...

He is getting so big. Sorry I haven't posted for a while but I will try to be better.

Laura Johnson said...

Kim, I wish we could go back to Wheeler Farm and I would hold Zac and give him a squeeze! He is so cute! I'm sorry my attention was split and I really didn't get to talk to you as much as I would have liked. Thanks for being so nice about it. I love you! And I'm glad you like the music on my blog. When I first found the song I turned it up really loud and danced around the house. Max and Jaxon just looked at me like I was crazy! Little do they know!

michelle said...

Zac makes me happy--and when I'm not happy, I just come to this blog and smile...it's that theraputic for me! Love you guys!