Saturday, June 21, 2008


5 things on my to do list: fold the laundry, make a job list schedule for myself for cleaning this summer, make a welcome home shirt for Zac to wear to the airport to meet his uncle, find a swimming suit (I know you're all jealous, it's so fun!!), get skinny
5 jobs I've had: Teach 4th grade, waitress at Rafael's, daycare teacher at Children's Academy, math tutor, Western Nut Company worker extrodinaire.
5 Places I have lived: Midvale UT/ Sandy, UT/ Logan, UT/ Salt Lake City, UT/Cottonwood Heights, UT
5 Favorite snacks: Fiber One bars (if you've never had them, go to the store and get a box now- peanut butter are my favorite- just be careful not to eat too many, they do have a lot of fiber in them), anything from Yogurt Stop (again, if you have never been to this lovely spot, you should get in your car and go, be careful, it can become a slight obsession- but it's OK cause it's yogurt not ice cream right), hot cinnamon rolls, Veggie Delight pizza from Pappa Murphy's, french fries (they are best when eaten off of Jon's plate- the calories don't count if I didn't order them right) Don't you love all my justifications- perhaps that is why it is taking me so long to lose weight.
5 things you don't know about me are: I have two fake teeth, I am terrified of bees, I love watching the food network but am not a great cook, I am great at jigging thanks to Emily, I love buying shoes- and yet love being barefoot.
5 thing I would do if I was a billionaire: Buy a house and get a maid to clean it, invest, buy shoes to my hearts content, buy books to my hearts content, get a boat.
5 things I love: My hot husband and darling son, reading, learning new things, being outside, and hearing Zac laugh.
5 people I tag: Sarah, Laura, Heidi, Mandy, Jeane

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