Monday, July 18, 2011


Christmas was so fun this year. Zac was such a perfect age to totally get into it. He loved that Santa was coming and was so excited about opening his presents. He was definitely spoiled! Santa came to our house Christmas Eve morning and we had our own little family Christmas morning. When you asked Zac what he wanted from Santa he would tell you that all he wanted was a basketball hoop and a basketball. His dad couldn't have been more proud. Santa delivered and Zac made the very first shot he tried. We have spent many hours shooting hoops since he got his hoop.

His dad thought that since he had a basketball hoop he needed the proper attire to go with it. Zac got a Nike workout outfit from his dad that is the perfect thing for making the best shot.
Santa also brought Handy Manny and the tools. We had to bring the tools around everywhere we went for a while.

After he opened his tools, he made sure to show the tools each of his presents. Here is Dusty admiring Zac's new sweater (probably appreciating it more than Zac).

And Jon and I had a great Christmas as well. Here I am admiring my new watch. What a nice husband.
On Christmas morning, we spent it with both families. Again- so spoiled.
Zac is definitely on his Grandma's nice list- whether he deserves it or not.
What more do you need when you're 2 than a Buzz and a big box? Life is good.
Well, maybe a silly aunt that will hide in the big box with you!
Christmas was especially exciting for Jon's little sister Megan this year. She went over to open her Christmas present from her boyfriend and ended up getting engaged! We were there soon after to hear the story and see the ring.

Congratulations Megan and Taylor! We are so excited for you.

We finished the day with Zac convincing another aunt to throw him in the air for about a half hour.
We are so blessed. It was wonderful as always to spend time with family and celebrate our Savior's birth. I wish we took the time more often to focus on the love that we share.

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Adam and Julia said...

Are we playing catch up Kim? Christmas? None the less, I am still happy to see an update!