Monday, February 21, 2011

December Fun

December was filled with lots of fun- of course busy, but lots of fun. Zac and I spent a fun day with my sisters and mom. Normally we all take a day off of school, but since we got the week before Christmas off this year, we just went then.
Jon and I have made a tradition of going to Temple Square to see the lights each year. We also have made several trips to Build a Bear where Jon has gotten me some very cute friends. We decided to combine the two this year. As part of Zac's Christmas he got to pick a new friend.
Meet Fluffy Toby. Fluffy because Zac was thrilled to get to fill him with fluff. And Toby because I think Jon thought Fluffy was a little girly of a name. The whole process was sooo fun with Zac. He was so excited at each part.

Then we went and saw the lights. So beautiful and so cold. We didn't last a real long time, but it was still a great night. It was one of the first nights we had spent with Jon in months (last semester was killer- I went from Sunday to Friday only seeing Jon for minutes).

One of our traditions with Jon's family is we draw names and instead of getting that person a gift we take them on a date. We had lots of fun this year. We also included a few extra nights together. We made an amazing gingerbread house

We also got to have a night just with the siblings. My mother in law had everything ready for us to go on a photo scavenger hunt. At first I think we didn't quite know if we were going to get into to it or not, but I am proud to say we accomplished EVERY THING on the list.
Everyone under a park bench:
Everyone doing exactly what a sign says to do:
(None of us are smoking)

Fill a stranger's car with gas:
Flip a burger in uniform:
Something that starts with the letter Z:
Everyone sitting in one chair:
Everyone in/on a shopping cart:
Braid a stranger's hair:
Ask a stranger to dance:
Act out a Disney scene in a public place (this is from Bambi if you couldn't tell):
Juggle for an audience and get them to clap for you:
Group hug with a Walmart employee:
Everyone drinking out of the same can:
A picture with someone in a uniform:
The group doing the chicken dance in front of KFC:
Jon and Ryan then proceeded to sing and dance IN the KFC and then run out. So funny.
Folding someone's laundry at a laundry mat:
Bagging someone's groceries for them:
You fit in that? (We couldn't quite decide, so we tried 2)
(Yes we are in our shower)
Posing with a statue:
Making a human pyramid for a stranger:
Spelling out a word (decided to do a shout out to the person who made the whole night possible):
We had so much fun together. It is truly amazing what strangers will do when you tell them you are doing a photo scavenger hunt.

We had a fabulous December followed by a fabulous Christmas. Definitely my favorite time of year!


Charlotte and Matt said...

Loved the scavenger hunt. So since we never did make it to SLC over thanksgiving, what do you think about getting together in a couple of weeks and doing a roommate reunion deal? We are moving back sometime around March 10th. Let me know! Love, me.

Swenson Family said...

That is AWESOME!!! What a great idea! It was fun to read about it. We should get together sometime.