Friday, July 29, 2011

Hot Dog! A very Mickey 3rd Birthday

Zac's birthday this year was a lot of fun. His current obsession includes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (as well as Toy Story, Cars, and Monster's Inc.) I had a lot of fun with the Mickey theme. These were some of the pictures we used on the invitation.

Many hours were spent working on his cake. I decided to make the clubhouse- and as Michelle would say, it was definitely ambitious!!! It took my sister Kristen, my sister in law Mallory, and me a lot of work (a lot of which wouldn't have been necessary if I knew what I was doing- like making black fondant- seriously just buy it next time!) But it turned out really fun.
Red was not the best color to have behind it. Oh well.

And the decorators with our creation. Thank you so much for you help girls!!!!
Everyone came in their Mickey attire, and Zac wore his Mickey party hat to open presents.
He got a doctor kit and a Buzz Lightyear snuggie among a million other fun things. His daddy is proudly showing him how to use the stethoscope.
Zac liked the cake so much, he thought it was a toy and got mad at me when I started cutting it up and he wanted to play with it.
My cute sister in law Lauren misunderstood the invitation when it said to wear Mickey attire and thought she was supposed to come dressed up as her favorite Disney character. I'm pretty sure that if I had actually asked people to do that she still would have been the only one that came dressed up. Hear is the darling Pocahontas. Mike couldn't come because he had to work, and I'm really sad because Lauren said if he had come she would have made him dress up as Prince Charming from Cinderella. How great would that have been?
Jon didn't want her to feel bad, so he got dressed up and got in the picture too. Zac's cute great grandparents in their Mickey shirts.

How effective is face time on your iphones if you are sitting right next to each other?
My mom has super nice neighbors that got Zac a birthday present and brought it over. It ended up being this huge Toy Story ball that you can climb inside and roll around in. Let me tell you, it was the hit of the night. We have spent many hours since in the ball. He likes to have snacks in it, as well as watch shows.
I don't know why these pictures came out sideways, they are right on my computer. Anyway- funny.
You can see Zac through the little window at the bottom.

I also took the yearly pictures with the bear for his 3rd birthday. Man, it's crazy to see how much he has grown compared to the earlier ones!

Jon's present to Zac was new shoes- and of course they had to be Jordans.

This is a common look on Zac's face lately (unfortunately). He has definitely found his bossy/grumpy side and it comes out all to often. His nackname is Zachy Drama!
Oh, but we do love this boy. We are so blessed to have him in our family. I can't believe it has already been 3 years, and I sure can't wait for the next 93. I love you little man!


Michelle said...

From day one...until now...I couldn't love my Beans more! And the cake looks amazing (almost as amazing as it did 6 months ago!) So happy for an update. But I'm not judging, I don't blog.

Ju Ju said...

Wow! Kim, you are amazing! What a fun birthday! I wouldn't even know where to start if I were making that cake. Good job super mom!