Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Why not really? It's 2:00 in the morning and I have just finished editing the 150 pictures I had on my camera, so why not post about Halloween on December 31? Zac was the cutest cowboy around. We had gone to my grandma's house and she had this fun hat and that decided it for us. Luckily Zac has a very talented grandma for the rest of the details. We went to my sister's trunk or treat and he met up with a very beautiful princess Greta. These two are so cute together.
And here is Zac with one of his guys. We don't go anywhere without at least one, and usually it is one for each hand. We started with just the Mickey guys, but since Christmas, we have expanded, oh how we have expanded.
Two fabulous aunts!
And after the trunk or treating, you must relax with some good old Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
The actual night we went trick or treating in my mom's neighborhood.
The haul...
And this is how Zac would chose to be all the time if he could.
In the words of our little cowboy "Howdy cartners"

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