Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Cruise to the Bahamas- For Real This Time

Last week was absolutely amazing. We finally made it on our cruise- no stopping in the Denver airport this time. I have decided that cruising is definitely the way to travel. This is going to be VERY long and detailed- more for me to remember than anything, so feel free to skim through if you choose.
We started out last Saturday with Zac getting his toddler cruise. We had a fun time out on Utah Lake and Zac was great with the horn.

Sunday morning we left early and got to Orlando.

I decided to rest a bit when they couldn't get our luggage out of the plane because of a huge swarm of bees. Seriously- killer bees in Orlando?
We played around that night and got caught in a downpour- you really just don't get dry in such a humid climate. The next morning we went back to the airport to catch a shuttle to the port.

This was our first view of the ship.

We made it on (despite my fears that they were not going to let us because of our lack of passports). We had lunch in the Windjammer and checked out our rooms.

We then had our mandatory muster drill- I really think orange is our color. We decided that maybe we don't need to be so early next time- pretty hot and claustrophobic.
It was pretty cool to watch as the ship set sail. Everyone went out on deck and watched as it left the harbor.

We then explored the ship a little and went to the show. It was a comedian and a song and dance show.

We then went to dinner. For those of you who have cruised before you understand- the food is one the greatest parts of being on a cruise. Dinners were so good and we had a great waiter named Peter. I want to know where I can get someone to bring me whatever option I want (or several if the mood strikes) of a starter, a main course, and desert, and then cleans up afterward.

We got some impressive magic tricks and napkin folding to add to the atmosphere.
This is Peter. After the first night where Ryan figured out his trick he spent the rest of the time trying to stump him. This one he balanced two forks on toothpicks. Pretty impressive.
During a performance by the waiters, peter had a napkin mouse singing for him. If you go hungry on a cruise it is your own fault. Every night the food was so good! Jon had some sort of sea food at every meal since he never gets it at home. I was adventurous and even tried escargot.

After dinner, Jon and I took some salsa lessons- we weren't very good, but it was fun.
The next day we were supposed to spend in Coco Cay, but the weather was windy and cloudy, so they decided to just continue on to the Bahamas and go to Coco Cay on our way back. So Tuesday ended up being our day at sea. There was a lot to do on the ship to keep us busy. We watched a bar flair show where they were throwing around bottles- I didn't get a very good picture, but it was pretty cool.
We spent a lot of time on deck. It is lucious to be out on deck relaxing and enjoying the breeze.
Here is the view of the pool area. We watched the sexy leg contest. Jon was sad he didn't enter- he so could have won with those nice calves.
We decided that before you board the ship you should have to give a body to swimsuit ratio and that if there was too much body, you would not be allowed on. We saw far too many people wearing far too little.
Jon spent the afternoon playing basketball.
That night was formal night and we all had fun getting all dressed up in all of our bling.

We spent some time in the piano lounge that night and got a yummy drink.

We made into Nassau that night.
We woke up to a beautiful morning. It was a very hot day in the Bahamas. We spent the morning going snorkeling. We went out on a boat and had a gorgeous ride on the Seahorse.

When we got out the reefs we got our gear and spent on hour snorkeling.

It was very peaceful and we saw some amazing fish. I even saw an eel. It was nice to take the masks off after- they got eye sucking out of the sockets tight.

On the way back the party got going with lots of rum punch and dancing. Megan was quite the boogier and she didn't even need any of the rum punch.
This was our host and he really did know how to move.

After the snorkeling we decided to rent scooters and cruise around the island. What an adventure!

It started out fun as we tried to remember to drive on the left side of the road. We drove over to where Atlantis was and saw the amazing resorts over there. We took a break and took some pictures.

After that, the trip got a little sketchy. I was on the back and getting sunburned and sore and we got lost in a scary part of town. Let's just say when there are drugs offered, guns in pockets, and crabs being pushed in your face, you know the fun is over. We did make it back and got a big drink and all was well with the world again. We spent some time shopping at the straw market and Mallory decided to get her hair braided.
The next day we spent at Coco Cay.

This island is pretty much as close to paradise as I have ever been. It was beautiful.

I started the day by doing yoga on the beach- a new favorite way to exercise! Then Jon and I went parasailing- so much fun!!!
It was nice to be out on the boat just to cool down a little. We were the last in the group to take a ride so the nervousness was gone and it was just exciting. It was so nice when you got all the way up. I thought it would be loud, but it was quite and there was an amazing view.

A view of the ship from way up in the air.
I'm so glad we did it.
The rest of the afternoon we spent hanging out on the beach and playing on the big blow up water slide- where we got quite a show :) (no pictures, darn it Su)
That night we did some shopping (Jon got his 4 watches and I got a bracelet ) and watched Ryan do some kareoke to some Frank Sanatra and goofed off with some funny pictures.

All in all it was an incredible vacation. Thanks again Wes and Su, we will never forget it. We so love our family and it was so fun to spend this week cruising together. And, as we marked on our survey, we will definitely be back!


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