Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Summer of Fun-Great Times and Other Ramblings

This summer has been absolutely fanastical (I deem this a word!) I was kind of worried leading up to it that I would be so bored and just stuck home all day every day and I warned my friends that I would be bugging them to be going out to do things- but I couldn't have worried more needlessly. We have been so busy with fun things we haven't had a minute to wallow in boredness yet. In fact I have not done one thing for school. Here are just a few pictures showing some of the things we've been up to.

If you know me very well, you know that birthdays are a big deal to me. I know for some people they'd rather not celebrate them, and some rare folks don't even notice it is there birthday ( I think it's all a lie and they really do care and are just waiting for someone to surprise them- that's what I'd be doing.) Anyway- Jon has learned this fact about me and always does a wonderful job helping me to celebrate. We had a BBQ at our house with family which was lovely. But it's the cake that is always the big deal. Jon always does something creative and this year he made ice cream sandwhiches instead of a cake. We had been watching Paula's Party (Woot Woot Food Network- who's with me?) and she did a show on sandwhiches. Now these weren't just any icecream sandwhiches- they were a take on the good old PB&J. Peanut buttter cookies with strawerry icecream rolled in peanut butter chips. Yummy!!
I am totally faking blowing out the candle- I am always the one taking the pictures, so I have to remind people when it is of me.
You know you want one! Mmmmmmm.

Then there was Father's Day. I have the best father's in my life. Both Jon and I have the greatest dad's and grandpa's. They are men that would do anything for their families and have worked hard their whole lives to provide for them. Jon has learned well from these examples and is the best daddy in the world to Zac. So he needed to have a special breakfast. Now, without looking under the picture, what is on the french toast?
Yes, they are ties. I also put them on chocolate chip cookies and 2 out of the 3 dad's that got them had no idea what they were. Thank you Wes for appreciating the amazingness of my artwork.

You already saw pictures of our cruise. Ahhhh, cruise, slobber, hanging tongue, mmmmmm. Oh yes.

We got back for the 4th of July and hung out with my family. Really, how can you not love this little face?
Well, I'll tell you this grandma sure does. Willing to risk dizzyness and loss of dinner to spin this boy over and over again and make him giggle.

He loved the fireworks. He kept saying, wow, wow. And thanks to his great grandma for the glowstick necklace! Hours of fun.

I had the cahnce to get together with some of my high school friends and meet their kids. Alissa and Brittney have been living out of state so it has been years since we have all been together. I love these girls. We need to get together more often now that we are all in the same state. We missed you Candice!
Later that week we went on the 2nd of our 3 trips this summer. We stayed in a house up at Bear Lake with Jon's extended family. So fun! Zac loved playing on the beach in his crab. He also loved playing with all of his aunts, and uncles, and cousins (so many people to say Hi to!) He can't wait for the new little cousin to get here to play with!

Our little architect.

The water was lovely, the wave runners thrilling, and Jon and I had fun on the knee board. I was in charge of the treat Thursday night, and really just eating your food is not nearly as much fun as playing in it. Su had a fun book called Hello Cupcake, and we decided to use it to make ourselves in cupcake form. As everyone did such a fantastic job, I couldn't possibly leave anyone out- so enjoy. Aren't we so talented?
All of the supplies just ready to become cute little people.
This was my favorite one- my husband is so talented. This is his impression of what he looks like being pulled behind the boat.

Su:Wes: (Showing how he felt about not having his own bathroom)
Me:( you never knew I had such big hair and could look quite this beautiful- jealous at my mad skills, I know.)
Mallory: (The winner thanks to a very enlightening bit of eeny meeny mynie moe)






Grandma Jones:

Pretty much we could have just put pictures in and it would have looked the same- that's how good they were.
Thanks to everyone who participated. I get such a kick out of these things.
And here are just some more beach pictures:
Zac actually took some pretty good naps out there.
Nothing better than rubbing the corner of that blanket on your face. Ahhhhh

What a fabulous way to spend a week!

Last week was Kristen's birthday and we went to breakfast at a place in Layton called Doug and Emmy's. The food was delicious and HUGE! It took Zac a week of breakfasts to finish this pancake.

Love those girls! Happy birthday dear sister of mine. Hope it's your best yet.

Last weekend we had our Jones Seelos uncampout- much fun, much french toast, much bouncing, and much heat. Pictures of this to come.

A week from tomorrow we leave for DC. Really, could this summer get more great?? I'm guessing yes!


Swenson Family said...

What a fun summer! Such cute pictures. Zac is a doll. :)

Greco Family said...

Kim- I am jealous of your summer. It looks like a blast. I hope one day I will be able to have a summer that fun!!