Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Adamson

Ok, so they've been married for over a month now and of course I've been slacking at my blogging (really, do you expect anything more from me?) But I did want to post pictures of my brothers wedding. It was a wonderful event!
The night before they had a nice dinner at Madeline's. What cute siblings!

That morning we woke of to torrential rain. Even when we got to the temple it was still raining pretty hard. The ceremony was beautiful. It is so nice to go and remember the things said at our own wedding. By the time we got out, the rain had stopped and the sun was peeking through. It was pretty windy, but we were still able to get some pictures.
The fam
And this one pretty much shows what a goof my brother is.
We found out late what time we needed to be at Thanksgiving Point for pictures and we didn't plan very well so Zac was not very happy however he did look very handsome in the suit my mom made for him. His dad looked pretty good as well.
It was the middle of the Tulip Festival and the gardens were absolutely breathtaking!
Really how can you not...
It didn't take long for Zac to completely lose it. His parents weren't far behind- this pretty shows how we were feeling for the picture taking process.

Once we got back inside and got him some food, Zac had a great time- especially dancing to the band.
Lauren has a darling neice that Zac wanted to dance with and give her hugs and kisses- She was a good sport.
So cute!
Jon's parents took Zac home after a little while and then we got dancing.

It was such a great day. We are so excited to have Lauren as part of our family. She has made Mike a better person as he has fallen in love with her. We love you both and miss you in Florida.


Greco Family said...

Kim you guys are adorable! I can't believe your brother is married. AHHHHH!!! I love all the pics and know what you were going through with Zach! He is adorable as always.

Swenson Family said...

Congratulations to Mike and such great pictures. I LOVE Zac's suit- tell your Mom great job and hi. He is such an adorable little boy!

The Adamsons said...

Kim how cute is that picture of Greta and Zac hugging! I'm sad that I missed that moment! Also, that picture of Michael and I where he's making that scream face is hilarious! I hope that you had a good birthday, I wish that we could've been there! Hope that y'all have fun on your cruise you'll have to let us know how it is!! Love y'all!

Adam and Julia said...

So I'm the worst person ever and forgot to call on your birthday. I was upset on your birthday because I have forgotten a different person's birthday from the day before. Oh well. You look amazing and I want to know what your trick is. Hope you have a fun summer vacation!