Saturday, May 30, 2009

Booger Love

"Booger Love" by Brod Bagert (taken from his book Giant Children)

I love this little booger,
All shiny, green, and black.
You can hold it for a minute,
But I want my booger back.

It stays right where I put it,
It sure knows how to stick.
And if it gets too dry...?
It just needs a little lick.

I can hold it on my finger,
I can flick it in the air,
I can stick it underneath a desk,
Or underneath a chair.

I can make a ball and roll it
Just to see which way it goes.
I love this booger anywhere...
Except inside my nose.

I love this little poem. I always read it to my 4th graders when I am introducing my poetry unit and it gets them excited about poetry.
Boogers have been our life for the past few days. The other night Zac went to bed with a little bit of a runny nose and woke up in the middle of the night wheezing. So I took the day off and we went to the doctor. He has croup. So we are doing a lot of humidifying and wiping the gunk that seems to be coming out of all the orifices on his face. Now Jon and I are sick as well. We have a lot of booger love at our house!


Bourgeous said...

So sorry to hear that the booger love has hit your home. Get feeling better soon.

Charlotte and Matt said...

Funniest poem ever!!! It sounds like you have booger HATE at your house...not booger love! Hopefully you all recover in a timely manner.

laura j. said...

Booger love is always abundant and growing with little kids around! When are we going to get together?

Matt and Melanie said...

Kim that is the freakin funniest poem i've ever heard! Thanks for making my day. :)
Mel Jorgenson