Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rock a Bye with Bunny

The other day Zac noticed an Easter decoration that I had up and he wanted to play with it. It is a bunny sitting in a rocking chair.
Well, Zac loves to "rock-a-bye" in any rocking chair he sees. His grandma does it with him to get him to sleep for his naps and has taught him the rock-a-bye song my great grandma used to sing and its a favorite. So after playing with it for a minute he told me he wanted to rock-a-bye with bunny. I said OK and we went into his room and sat in his rocking chair with him on my lap and him hloding the bunny. But he just kept getting mad and telling me he wanted to rock-a-bye with bunny. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I set the bunny on the table next to the rocking chair and made it rock back and forth, but that wasn't cutting it. I put the bunny on the ottoman that rocks and made it rock there, but that sure wasn't working for him either. It was only when Zac started climbing up on the ottoman and trying to sit on the bunny that I figured out what he was wanting to do. He didn't want to make the bunny rock, he wanted to sit on the bunny's lap and rock-a-bye with bunny.

He was pretty sad when he couldn't figure out a way to sit on the bunny's lap. This kid seriously cracks me up.

(Don't judge us. I know the room is quite a disaster in the background. I"m pretty sure it's just proof that we play hard and it had been a good day right? Zac's good at making a mess, but he's also a pretty good helper to clean up- we just hadn't gotten to that part yet.)

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laura j. said...

That is too funny! And I love that your house isn't perfectly makes me feel a little better about my house! I like how you put it - that it just means you play hard!