Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Easter- Only about a Month Later

Holidays are getting funner and funner as Zac understand more and more of what it's all about. After 3 different egg hunts, he was quite the expert.
I really think it's not nice to have to do an Easter Egg hunt in the snow! My parents' neighborhood puts one on and we decided to go. I didn't quite dress Zac warm enough for the occasion (the kids with smart parents came dressed in snowsuits and boots and gloves) so we didn't collect too much, but it was still fun. This whole walk around and pick up things with free candy in them is Zac's cup of tea.

Then the Easter bunny came to our house and to Grandma D's.

He got a new bike that his dad and grandpa diligently put together. The bike's name is Diego- in our family everything has a name- thanks aunt Shell (Mr. Shell:))

He can't quite reach the pedals yet, but he can get around on it just fine. It's also handy if you need to stop and take a potty break, Zac informed me, cause the seat lifts up. It's good we're still in diapers. I'm worried about when he does start potty training where I'm going to find presents.
Even though it was general conference and we didn't have church, we got Zac dressed up in his new spiffy outfit.

As Zac will tell you, he's so handsome!

It really was a wonderful weekend. Conference was awesome! It is so nice to listen to the prophet and apostles and feel of their spirit. I've been listening to the talks on the internet. So great. Hope everyone is enjoying their spring- snow and all.


Emily said...

So we need to get together. I still have your pan. Zach is so cute!

laura j. said...

Zac is adorable. I am so sorry that I was gone all day when you called a few weekends ago and didn't get your message until late. Hope I can still see you sometime soon!

Letherton said...

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Ju Ju said...

I love the suit! You make me want to have a boy...someday.