Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Kim

What's up all you blogalholics! Hope you're having a fantastic V-day! This is Jon, the other man in Kim's life, although I will admit the one who is less- cute and less-adored by so many people( holla to my main man Z). Anywho, I thought I would get on this blog and share some V-day thoughts that I have had. In thinking of how to organize my thougts in a creative, blog- worthy fahion, I was inspired by a post on my facebook called, " 25 Random Things About Me", that my sister- in- law filled out( which was hilarious Kris, thanks.) So I thought it would be a great V-day gift to my smokin-hot wife if I listed 25 random things that I love her for. I figure this is a good idea for two reasons. First, Kim loves this blog to death and I know she would love to see it updated without actually having to do it herself. Your welcome. Second, we just parted ways with a lot of money for car repairs, so V-day gifts won't be so extravagent this year. I figure the best currency I have is my creative whit and knack for the written word. My apologies.Third, I never get the chance to write to my wife anymore. We had a killer corespondence thing while I was in Mexico and there are times where I miss it. So here goes.......these come in no order of importance, there just things I love. Hope all you blog stalkers enjoy this.

1. Kim is an incredible Mother. I am quite certain that there was some form of a bidding war or street fight in heaven for her services as a mom, but I know Zac and future children( no, that's not an announcement, Mom) are very lucky for all she does.

2. Kim has natural highlights in her hair. There are like 3 shades of blonde in there, which is so cool. Her hair always looks incredible and the natural highlights save us a fortune in haircare.

3. Kim isn't a friend to any of her students. Wait! Go along with me on this one! I think the best way to put it is that Kim isn't a friend first to any of her students. She is a teacher first and she prides herself on being diligent in that, even when it is not easy. The best thing though is that her students love her more for it.

4. Kim has a bag for everything. Really. When she leaves the house in the morning for school, she looks like she's moving to another house.

5. I love the way she pronounces certain words like grape, great, c'mon.

6. Kim will tell you that she abhores video games, but I know she would never say anything to me if we got a Wii. She is very health conscienious.

7. Kim is a Patriots football fan, but it's not for the love of football.

8. I love the way she makes spirituality look so natural. She works at it like anyone else, but she always just gets it, in ways that take me far longer to get.

9. Kim is a true Aggie.

10. Kim loves her sisters without reservation. She is amazed all the things that her brother does. She gets the idea of being close with her siblings. (And on a side note, I'm crazy about them too. Really.They make being a non-blood really easy.)

11. Kim would be an accountant if she wasn't a teacher.

12. She hates milk, but has to have it to eat cereal. So to cope, she will eat her frosted mini wheats with a fork.

13. Her first ride at Disneyland always has to be Pirates of the Caribean.

14. Kim is an incredible scratcher. The difference is she actually likes to do it, which was a total bonus that I discovered when we got married. She knows I think my G-ma is the best at it and that sets her off, but she'll thank me someday when her grandkids refuse to place there wives above her in the scrtching category.

15. Kim loves to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

16. She is an excellent cook. She can whip up anything and it tastes great.

17. She went on a date the night before I got home from my mission. Egg her on about that one cause I do.

18. She is a natural storyteller. Her voices seems to get how to tell a story to another person. The only reason I have ever heard any Harry Potter book is because she read them to me on road trips while I drove.

19. She loves to read. Her idea of a dream home would have a room filled to the ceiling with children's book and a couch to read them on.

20. She is invested in what her family does. She always want to know the rules to football or any sport so she can understand it. She will go with me to "The Dark Knight" at midnight.She'll hike 2 miles with a baby, computer, briefcase, and stroller to watch me race. Even with Zac now, she finds ways to love what he loves.

21. Kim would prefer Bob over Jillian if she had the choice to be trained by one of them. Actually, if Bob came out with a DVD about how doing backflips is the healthyiest thing to do, then she would buy it and, there she would be, backflipping away every morning. She loves Bob.

22. Kim is quite romantic. She always is searching for the perfect gift or knows just how to give you something at the right time. I have recieved many boxes of Cinnamin Toast Crunch that would attest to this.

23. She has always been a straight A student. I joke with her that even her blood type is A+. Education is very important to her, which makes it that much more important to me. The best thing though is that,even though she knew what she wanted and breezed through school to get it, she has never spoken one negative word about me trying to decide what I wanted to do. She always supported me through it. That has made my schooling much easier.

24. Showtunes Saturday Night is a staple in the car on Saturday's thanks to Kim. That's not a bad thing, either.

25. Let's just say that "Olive Juice" and "Elephant Oil" are common phrases in our house. Kim is a very loving person and always make sure you know it. No matter who you are, she will try to find your "Love Language", which is a book she read that said that there are different ways that people say " I Love You". She always strives to speak your language and she is very good at it.

Well....there it is. Hope all you blog stalkers got what you were looking for. Kim, I love you everyday and I hope you know that, really, none of these things are random to me. Each one of these( well, except the date before I got home, that one I just give you a hard time for) is just a small part of the reasons I'm glad your my best friend and eternal comapnion. Olive Juice. Jon


Greco Family said...

Jon you are awesome!! That was great to read through. Kim is a very lucky woman! She truly is wonderful. Hope to see you guys soon!

Michelle said...

Jon and Kim...that was so GREAT! I knew almost every one of those things about my sister, but it brought tears to my eyes to read them coming from Jon. Yes, Jon, you are blessed to have Kim forever...but I know she will say the exact thing about you! I love you both (AND that little man you have with you too!!) Happy Valentine's Day :)

twinmama said...

Okay, that was just too sweet! I know she is a great person and we LOVE her as a teacher! Happy belated bday to Zach. Thanks for the inspiration again to teach! I start my masters in teaching soon! Think of you often. Amy and Preston Moore!

Grossarths said...

Super cute! Kim you have a great man there.

Kristen said...

Jon, you are awesome! I love that you love Kim so much. She is an amazing person, and she is lucky to have you because you recognize that. Thanks for being such a great non-blood to the rest of us. Love you all!

Adam and Julia said...

Jon, I'm impressed. That was one of the cutest things I've ever read. I never really leave comments, but I'll try to more often since I do like to stay caught up on what's going on. You guys look good!

Jennifer Hatch said...

That was so incredibly sweet Jon!