Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First Haircut

Zac has hair like Jon and I. It is very fine, very blond, and has lots of cowlicks. It also is very slow to grow. He is almost a year and has only received 2 little snips right over the ears to his hair. He just hasn't needed it until now. It was still pretty short on the top, but he was developing quite the mullet in the back. Here is a before picture.

I was going to get my hair cut, so I decided to take Zac along and see if she would cut his hair too. He was ticked while I was getting my haircut, but he did pretty good while he was getting his done. I was surprised at how much hair she was able to cut off.
And here is the final product. He was sad, and tired but he tried very hard to smile for the picture.
I think he looks like such a big boy with his new short hair.

He's also getting really good at walking. He'll just take off and make it all the way across the room. He has quite the method- one finger in the ear and the other hand either pointing where he is going or in his mouth.
Don't those blue eyes just melt your heart?
I was thinking back to what I was doing last year at this time. I had just talked my doctor out of getting induced that night and talked him into giving me a few days to finish getting things ready. I'm glad to be where I'm at now. Saturday will be more comfortable this year then it was last year!


Grossarths said...

It looks like Zac and Jackson have the same type of hair! Oh well, it makes it easy to cut!

Greco Family said...

He is adorable! Those blue eyes do melt my heart! I love it!