Sunday, October 26, 2008

Guest Blogger

Hi fwiends,

Zac here, and we've bin havin lots ov fun this fall at our house and I wanted to show you what we've done. Last week mommy got to spend some time with me and away fwom those big kids. We went and visited Uncle Mike in Pwovo. I talked him into sharing his drink with me when mom wasn't lookin.
Then we went to Tanksgiving Point and got some ice cweam. I twied to get them to share their ice cweam with me. I opened up my vewy widest.

I gave them my vewy best puppy dog eyes.And then I pulled out all the stops and whipped out the big old belly laugh.
Works evewy time. Both mommy and daddy gave me some of their ice cweam. I'm good! I know all the twicks. I got daddy to think that we were doing a funny face picture and then posed my cutest. Cheese.
We also got to play on the swing.

It was lots of fun.I pwakticed sitting all by myself (I'm getting pwetty good!)
I think daddy got a little dizzy cause his piktures were gettin blurry.
Ok, maybe I got a little dizzy too.
Later mommy wanted to get some pictures of me with the punkins. We got all the way to the punkin patch and she realized she had left the camwa at home. Silly mommy. We went and got it then they took wots and wots of piktures. I should charge for this cute face.
I twied to be scary when I was posing as these monsters, but nobody's taught me how. I'm just good at the cute.
They gave me a punkin that was just my size.
I knew just what to do with it!
Mmmmm, yummy. Dirt and all!
My pawents are kind of silly cuase they gave me the punkin and then they tried to take it away. For some weason they thought I shouldn't be suckkin on dirt. I twied to get it back...
Daddy is just too stwong and he got it away fwom me. I wasn't too happy.
I cried enouf that I got my way and they got me a new punkin that was better than the other one.
I've bin gettin weally big and learned new things. I'm almost as tall as this sign.
And I've bin workin on wavin at my fwiends. Most times it just pops out, but sometimes I even do it when I'm sayin hi or bye.
Pwetty good huh.
I kept posing and posing...
But they went too far.
So I showed daddy who was boss. I was done!
I hope evewyone is havin a gweat fall. I'm gonna go pwaktice my roar for next week. Happy Halloween!!!!


Greco Family said...

Oh Kim he is adorable!! I can't wait to get together. I don't have your phone number so give me a call sometime...801-763-5012. He has the cutest smile!

Michelle said...

SO, SO GREAT! His pumpkin pictures will now be my wallpaper. The kids are always waiting to see what the next picture of Zac will be. Have I mentioned how much I love him?? It will be fun when he can really talk and tell stories, won't it?!

Swenson Family said...

That was so cute. He is adorable and getting cuter all of the time. What fun pictures! I loved the story line. :)

Kristen said...

I love this post!! Zac, you are the cutest baby ever!

Laura Johnson said...

What a fun way to Zac's words. He is so cute!

Bourgeous said...

So cute! Zac has the cutest smile.