Saturday, October 11, 2008

8 Months Old

I know I just put on the 6 and 7 month pictures, but I'm more prompt with the 8 month ones. I love this little boy so much. He seems to be getting funner by the day. He loves peek a boo, playing with his blocks and in his exersaucer. He loves to eat and is willing to try just about anything we give him. He is doing great with finger foods and loves the container the cheerios are in just as much as eating them. He is so happy and it doesn't take much to get him laughing. He is getting really close to crawling- and we know life won't be the same after he takes off so we are enjoying the immobility while it lasts. I love being a mom. It is so hard to leave him in the morning when I go to work. It is harder becuase he is starting to not want me to go and it breaks my heart when he cries in the morning. However, my favorite time of day is when I walk in to pick him up and he lunges toward me with a huge smile and then burries his head in my shoulder. Oh, he melts my heart. I never knew I was capable of loving someone so much. It makes me so much more patient with my students becuase no matter how they are acting I know how special they are to their mothers and that means something. I can't imagine my life without this sweet little man.

I know I went a little overboard here, but this is just a few compared to the total number that I took. He was being so cute. The next few were playing with his grandma and great grandpa. Zac is lucky to have so many people who adore him!


Michelle said...

Kim, I LOVE THIS!! Your blog is so cute and so is your little man! I am going to steal a couple of new pictures for my own collection! Zac=Joy! Great job!

Greco Family said...

Kim- he is adorable!! ztell him to slow down. He is growing too fast!

Charlotte and Matt said...

What a sweet little boy!!! I cannot believe that he is 8 months already!!??? Where did the time go? Last time I saw you was when? at my bridal shower over a year ago! so sad! Matt and I are going to be in town over Thanksgiving. I would love to see you guys! Are you going to be in town?