Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter, Boogers, and Stud Muffins

We have tons of pictures of Zac alone, but we only had pictures of our family from the hospital, so we took a few Easter shots. Zac was looking dapper in the vest his grandpa gave him for Christmas. We need to find a time to get some good ones done.

Thanks Nana and Papa :) for the cute bank. Here's to my college education. (If I start now, I might have enough for Duke!)

He also started not feeling well (despite our best efforts of making everyone wash their hands before they look at the kid). We have had to put saline drops in his nose and suction out the crap. He HATES it!!! He puts on quite the vocal performance.

He also a got a cute new outfit too and I just don't stop taking pictures of the kid (Yes, Mike, I do over-document his life)

Do you have a ticket to the gun show?


Jodi said...

He sure is a stud muffin! Love the Easter outfit. He is so cute!

michelle said...

He really is a "STUD MUFFIN"!! I of course love the outfit...and there are many more to come :) Zac is JOY!

Grossarths said...

Hey, I take way too many pictures of my baby and post most of them on the blog as well, so don't worry. My husband gives me a hard time, but I figure its my blog so I can do what I want to! Plus it helps when you go to scrapbook the pictures later. You have all the dates and ages on your blog! Its so good to be in touch with you. I miss those fun pageant days, but these "mommy" days are wonderful as well.