Sunday, October 2, 2011


Jon graduated from the University of Utah this month in Health Promotion and Education. It was exciting to see him achieve goals he has been working hard on. It was a fun day.

After the graduation, we had a Cinco de Mayo/Graduation party for him. Yummy food. Fun people. Kristen made him morter board cake pops for dessert.

His parents gave him a new golf bag. And from me he got a new watch to add to his collection.

We are so proud of you Jon!!!!

One of my best friends at work turned 50 this May, so I made her a cake. I didn't want to make it black and dreary (who wants to eat black food?) I had seen some flowers she had at her house and decided to make it like those instead. I liked how it turned out and it was super yummy too- with lemon curd and lemon buttercream inside).

Jon has loved U2 for as long as I have known him. He had been bugging me about the concert for months, but we just couldn't justify how much it would cost, and I wasn't really all that interested in it. Well, I was sitting in my math endorsement class about to take a test, when I get a phone call that my sister had been given 4 tickets to the concert from a student and had invited Jon and I to go. I have to say, man can they put on a show!!! It was incredible. The stage was amazing. Jon was thrilled, and we all had a great time.

I took a lot of videos, but they take so long to load, so just know it was great. We were glad that the tickets didn't go to waste.


Charlotte and Matt said...

First, the cake. Oh my word. What a great job you did, Second congrats to Jon. Third, I just barely started trying to potty train Lincoln. I am not excited for this endeavor and hearing about your experience makes me even less so. Love your face!

Kristen said...

May was a fun month!