Wednesday, July 7, 2010

50 Years

About a week ago my sweet grandparents celebrated their 50th Anniversary. It was so fun to get together with family to celebrate this amazing couple. My sister and I decided to make them a cake for the occasion. The pictures from their wedding were ruined somehow, so there were no pictures to o from for what their original cake looked like, so we came up with our own design. It was the first time we tried working with fondant and it was so much fun.
We did all the piping work and then painted on the gold.
We made cakepops that matched the cake for each person.
The final product:

It was really fun to make, but it made us appreciate Food Network challenges where they make what they do in 8 hours. Our little cake took two full days of work.

We just had a small get together at Spaghetti Factory, but it was neat to spend time with everyone.

Zac doesn't have a great reputation for his behavior at restaurants, but he did awesome, with a little help from Mickey.
My aunt wrote a 333 word poem for them.
My other aunt had given my grandma a book with questions about her life to answer. She finished filling it in and Cindy then made copies for everyone. It was so fun to read through and I learned a lot about my grandma's life.
My mom made them a wall hanging with everyone in the family's names on it.
My grandparents are some of my best examples of how to have a good marriage. They love each other so much. They also never miss a chance to serve each other as well as their family. My grandma has had arthritis since she was in her early 20's and has lived most of her life in a lot of pain. My grandpa takes care of her daily and does it so patiently and with so much love. They have been to countless dance recitals, games, piano recitals... They are so supportive and our whole family is blessed because of how they live their lives.
We love you so much Grandpa Dan and Grandma Dorothy. Thank you for your great example.


Charlotte and Matt said...

The cake was AMAZING!! I gotta learn how to do that! Cheers to G and G!

Adam and Julia said...

Congrats to your grandparents, but also congrats on making the cake and having the patience to do it!! It looked fantastic and I'm sure it tasted just as good.

Kristen said...

Are we awesome, or what?!! We need our own show on Food Network, don't you think? :)
Luv ya!

PS I NEED those pictures!

Ju Ju said...

That is some serious talent Kim, that cake would have taken me about 50 years to make.

I am so sorry about your little guy and his broken arm. It looks like the rest of your summer has been going well though. I hope it keeps getting better.

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Mark, Amy and McKenna said...

LOVE the cake! How fun! Good job and congrats to your grandparents.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, God bless families! Greetings from Italy.