Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Merry Holiday

We had such a fun few weeks, I thought I'd share some pictures-ya know, before I have to face reality and head back to school tomorrow. This year instead of picking names to do homemade gifts as we have done in the past, we chose names to do a Christmas date with people in Jon's family. They turned out so fun. I took Jon's sister Mallory to the mall to get lunch and go shopping and then to see the Nutcracker- for sure a Christmas classic.
Jon's mom took me to a Zumba class (seriously have you done this- so fun- ridiculous- but so fun!) and then to get pedicures. I remembered why I love them so much and decided that I should be going to get them more often. Who can resist polka-dotted toes? I'm sure that weird guy on The Bachelorette would totally approve.
Zac got to make pizza with his Mal Mal. And he took his grandpa out for ice cream and a trip to Dollar Tree. It was a fun tradition that I hope we continue next year.
I took my annual day off of work to go hang out with my mom and sisters. We went to breakfast and then to the mini concert that FM100 does at the mall.

While we were there, there wasn't a line to see Santa, so I decided to try and see if Zac would go sit on his lap. I thought it was going to be a disaster, but Zac warmed up to him and when he asked what Zac wanted for Chistmas Zac said crackers. He decided toys would be good too. That kid cracks me up.
Zac got a new church outfit and he looked so grown-up and handsome.
And if you know my boy, you know what is going on here- or at least what is trying to be going on. Poor kid, but love the face.
Because I had to work till the 23rd- preparations for Christmas this year were pretty crazy, but after a few meltdowns on Christmas Eve, we got everything ready and had a wonderful holiday. We had a party at my aunt and uncle's house with some great Christmas pictionary and always entertaining white elephant gifts.

We spent some time with Jon's family and then Jon took off for work- he worked midnight to 6:00 a.m. When he got home we did our own little celebration. It was really fun to watch Zac open presents this year. He had a great time. He got his crackers and toys.

We then went over and opened presents with Jon's family. Zac loves his new tool bench!
And then we walked down the street and opened presents with my family.
My mom made Zac the greatest new quiet book that is amazing and I can't even guess how many hours it took her. He loves it.

After presents I took Jon home and put him to bed and Zac and I went back and partied some more with family.

Zac really enjoyed his candy cane!
And then did his best impression of Jacob.
I know, hold your daughters back. He's a hottie.

For New Years, we played with family again. My mom got a wii for Christmas and we had lots of fun racing- right Dad?
My mom and Zac had lots of fun playing together too.
We hope everyone had as much fun as we did, and that everyone is having an amazing new year!


Greco Family said...

OH Kimmy! How I love reading your blog. You guys are so cute. Ok so I didn't hear back from you over break, but maybe one weekend we can get together and do something fun. What do you think?

P.S. I love Zach's new church outfit. What a stud!

laura j. said...

I love all the pictures! And I love the Christmas Date Exchange. That is so clever!

Of course you can come see me anytime. I was thinking maybe we could head up to Em's new place and see her new baby together in a week or so. Depending on when she has it:) Would you want to do that? Or if that doesn't work...we can do whatever! I would love to see you!

Mandy Moo said...

Love these pics. It was rough missing you guys on Christmas! I like this date idea instead of presents...that could get interesting really quick!
You little man is beautiful! Hope youre doing well! I love following your blog.