Monday, November 16, 2009

A Trip to the ER and a New Baby

So last week I was in the middle of my last parent teacher conference for the day and my phone rang. I thought it was strange because I knew Jon knew I was in the middle of conferencing and it wasn't the best time to call. After I was done I called back to find that Jon and Zac were in the ER and I needed to meet them there. They had been over a t friends house and Zac had fallen and hit his head on a wooden bench. This made for a very long day, and I teased Jon that even though it was his first day working in the ER at IMC that he didn't need to start practing on his own son.
Luckily they were able to just glue it together instead of doing stiches. Much less tramatic. He is now healing great. He doesn't really seem to notice it unless you ask him about it, and then he'll point to it and say bandaid, owie. I'm sure it could have been much worse, but I'm still glad that Jon was there to take care of all the blood, and I was just there to sing songs with him after the bleeding stopped.

The next night we got to abysit for Jon's cousin that had a baby a few weeks ago to give them some time to go out. We had lots of fun playing with baby Berkly.
She has the cutest cheeks and red hair. Zac was very soft and sweet to her.

He had to hold her hand while she was getting her daiper changed.
Jon had fun with her too. I think he held and played with her more than I did. He's decided that we need a girl someday becuase Zac is always wanting his mommy, and he just positive that a little girl would always be wanting her daddy. I'm sure he's right.

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Greco Family said...

Ouch! Conner did the same thing, but to the back of his head. He had to get staples. Glad he didn't have to get them! That was not fun.