Friday, December 12, 2008

I HATE Teeth!

It seems like a strange thing to hate. Teeth are a very useful appendage. One I use every day in fact. I do very much enjoy eating, and I couldn't enjoy my favorite foods without them. However I have struggled with teeth for most of my life. When I was young I had two huge front teeth with a large gap in between them (not the cutest thing to look at.) Then I was lucky enough to inherit my dad's lack of I teeth. They just never grew in, so after oral surgery to put a chain on one of my teeth so that it would not push my front one out, and years of braces, I had to wear a retainer with two fake teeth on it. This did have its benefits- I could take them out and creep people out. I now have a bridge with the fake teeth attached- still gives me problems though.

Jon has had teeth problems as well. When he was young he hit his mouth and it killed the roots of one tooth and he has a fake one as well.

I even have an old roommate who had a phobia of teeth and having them fall out. She couldn't watch that scene in The Little Mermaid where the chef goes down the mast of the boat on his teeth.

All of this has added to my distaste for teeth- but the last few days have sealed the deal. Zac is finally teething.
Who would have imagined that something so small and pointy could make life so miserable. Those small sharp bones have changed my very happy, easy going, sleeping through the night,good eater, of a boy into a cranky, temper tantrum throwing, picky eating, and non sleeping little boy. I know that everyone goes through it, but the poor kid just has a hard time being happy lately. And I'm afraid looking at how those top ones are coming in, he is inheriting the big buck teeth. I'm sorry Zac! I hope this process passes quickly. Please pray that those little buggers come in fast for all our sanity.

Dumb teeth.


laura j. said...

My kids are slow at getting teeth so, believe it or not, Jaxon is teething right now too. It stinks! I feel for you. And Jax feels for Zac.

Swenson Family said...

I am so sorry. I hope that you all come through it well. I loved your family pictures.