Saturday, September 27, 2008

Can you tell I'm back to school?

Is September already almost over? Time seems to go by slowly each day and yet the weeks just fly by. Just thought I'd give a little update. Not much new has been going on. School has gone better than I expected this year. I started out the year with at one point 31 students. I was stressing about it, but determined to have a good year. They were good kids and we were doing well. A couple of weeks into the year we found out we had qualified for another teacher in 4th grade. So I now have a lovely class of 20 students- is that even possible in Utah? It has been so great! There will always be challenges but there are many benefits to having a small class size.
Even with school going well it is hard to leave Zac. We are so lucky to have amazing babysitters. The grandmas both take a day, and Jon is taking night classes so when Jon isn't working Zac gets to play with daddy. We also have a neghbor that watches him while Jon is at work.
Zac is getting so big and learning to do new things. He rolls like a champ, but isn't crawling (he hates being on his tummy, so I'm guessing it will still be a while with that one). He recognizes Jon and I and it is so fun to walk in after work and see him get so excited to see us. It also makes it hard because he cries a bit when we leave now. He is getting good at eating solids and shares mom's dinner all the time. His favorite is still bananas. I have been trying to be creative and puree up our baby food every once in a while and it works out pretty well. Anyone else do this? I'd love some new ideas.
Here's a few pictures that I hadn't added. These are Zac's 6 and 7 month pictures with his bear. I can't believe it's already almost time for his 8 month ones.

I love these shoes!
I don't know why, but when I use a flash, Zac's hair line looks really funny. His hair is shorter on the front, but it is there. With the flash it looks like a middle aged male pattern baldness going on. In person you can see his hair.
This is my favorite look of Zac's right now. It's good I like it because it is what he is always doing. He tips his head back and makes an "O" with his mouth and makes a cooing sound. Everyone comes up with a different thing it sounds like. His babysitter calls it his owl sound. I think it sounds like a pigeon noise. It's cute whatever it is.
What a kid!


Michelle said...

Kim, he isn't a baby anymore...he's a darling little BOY! I love him so much--all of his faces and noises. I can't believe it's almost been 8 months. Thanks for new pictures!

Greco Family said...

Oh he is adorable! I can't wait to be there and see him more often! :)

twinmama said...

Kim- I love the updates! What a doll! Good news about the smaller class size! Hope everyone is well. Preston says hi!

Bourgeous said...

What a fun summer! I can't believe what a charmer your Zac is - I love the bear photo updates and can't believe how much he changes each month. Good luck with that BIG class (Yeah for the new teacher!)

Charlotte and Matt said...

What happened to your newborn??? He's so big!!! I'm glad you found our blog. I don't know if I told you, but my mom is now teaching 3rd grade. It makes me think of you coming up with all your lesson plans in school. I miss you!!!

Swenson Family said...

What a cute little boy. :) I'm glad that school is going well. With baby food, I cut veges (such as sweet potato or butternut squash)or fruits in to pieces and steam them. Then I stick them in the blender with some of the steaming liquid and then spread them into ice cube trays and freeze them. Then you can pop them out into baggies and keep them in the freezer. They are great portion sizes and you could mix and match flavors... It is so inexpensive. Just invest in a good $2 ice cube tray that is a good size.