Sunday, April 6, 2008

Much Better

I have been waiting till I had pictures uploaded to update, but since that is taking me forever to do, I figured I had better let everyone know that Zac is doing much better. We brought him home from the hospital last Saturday. He has been on oxygen (I'll post the pictures of the baby on a leash soon) which wasn't much fun, but we all have been getting much more sleep at home. He was still not feeeling great for a couple of days, but is now doing much better. We've had a long chat on how if he doesn't want his mom to go back to work, there are better ways of doing that than going to the hospital. We've got nine more weeks and then it will be summer vacation. (Yep, I'm already counting down.)
On a different note, General Conference was great this weekend. It is wonderful to sustain a new prophet and feel of his spirit as he speaks. It is always a good time of year, and it was especially fun this year to think back 5 years ago to when Jon and I got engaged. So many things have happened in the last 5 years. I have been very blessed and I am a very lucky girl. I love you Jon!!!!!

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Cindy said...

Thank goodness he is home! Seriously, some of us live for your posting and you should be more aware of our needs. :) Thank you also for the update on how much more school there is until summer vacation. I just might make it!